About Us

The Lackawanna County Conservation District is a legal subdivision of state government responsible under state law for conservation work within county boundaries. Established in 1958, LCCD strives to provide for the conservation of soil and water resources through the control and prevention of soil erosion and conservation, restoration and planning of the county’s watersheds.  LCCD serves the public as being a clearinghouse for information, erosion & sedimentation control, watershed conservation, environmental education & public outreach.

Our History

dust_bowlThe 1930s brought an ecological disaster known as the Dust Bowl. Huge black dust storms blotted out the sun and swallowed the countryside. While testifying on Capitol Hill on April 2, 1935, soil scientist Hugh Bennett threw back the room’s curtains to reveal a sky blackened by dust. Congress immediately declared soil and water conservation a national policy and priority. Since about three- fourths of the land in the U.S. is privately owned, Congress realized that only active support from landowners would guarantee the success of conservation on private land.

The idea for soil conservation districts was born.  Although Districts have evolved to handle all kinds of environmental issues, soil & erosion control remains at the heart and is a bulk of our work.