Help Keep Streams Clean

Did you know there are easy steps you can take to make a difference in your community? Every day, the state’s sixty-six conservation districts work to prevent pollution in Pennsylvania. But we can’t do this alone. We need your help. Conservation can start in your yard! By taking a few simple steps, we can all make a difference. These simple actions will help to stop pollution from entering streams and lakes;

  • Don’t mow to the edge of a stream or lake
  • Plant a “buffer” zone of plants, trees, or shrubs next to waterways
  • Don’t dump yard waste near a stream.
  • Absorb rain to control flooding and prevent erosion

Together, we can conserve our resources. Remember, it’s up to all of us to be good stewards of our commonwealth. For more information about conservation projects in your community, visit A message from the Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts.

To learn more click on this video link……..

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